Democratic policies are destroying our great nation!

  • Our cities are being overrun by illegal immigrants. We need to get illegal immigration under control. The dumping of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in our state has got to stop! Leaving the border wide open is dangerous and costly to Americans.
  • Stores are closing across America to avoid mob robbery.
  • Police have been defunded nationwide, causing a massive increase in crime.
  • Inflation is through the roof (no matter what some politicians might say). Costs of goods and services for the consumer keep rising to the point where Americans are struggling, and there is no end in sight.
  • I am pro-life and think that every woman should be given a fair chance at pregnancy.
  • We need to ban transgender women and girls from participating in athletic programs that are designed for women.
  • Protecting parental rights by allowing the parent to have school choices as well as allowing the parent to make choices within public schools for their child. I will also fight to stop gender-affirming care for minors.
  • State’s Rights – No more mandates or lockdowns statewide or federal, shall stand in our state. Businesses and churches will remain open. Despite our Governor’s best efforts to stop these unconstitutional mandates, they continue to threaten our economy and our jobs.